PK Fertilizer SEIKI – 500 ml.

 10,00 w/ Tax


Potassium Phosphate – PK – is a rich in phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, that benefits flowering and fruiting. A phosphorus action in the form of
a phosphite, combined with potassium, stimulates growth and acts in the hormonal system, activating phytoalexin production, stimulating the
self-defense mechanisms of the plants and strengthening the fundamental tissues in the trunk and roots.

As a fungicide, it prevents the appearance of fungal soil diseases, such as Phytophora.

Because it is a nitrogen-free fertilizer, it is ideal for the autumn season, favoring the accumulation of nutrient reserves.

Watering: Apply 4 to 5ml per liter of water. Foliar Application: Apply 1 to 3ml per liter of water.
It is recommended to use it from the bloom of the first leaves in the spring up until September.

COMPOSITION: 42% (p/v) or 30% (p/p) Phosfor (P205) in water solution. 28% (p/v) or 20% (p/p) Potassium (K20) in water solution.

Weight 1 kg