Kensho Bonsai Studio stands out for its accumulated know-how, which translates into a private collection of Bonsai that is a national reference in this Art. Through Márcio Meruje Kensho provides the opportunity to access a set of services that aim to enhance other collections, events and knowledge of other bonsai enthusiasts




Bonsai Beginner Course

  • General Introduction to Bonsai
  • Training (8 hours)
  • Offer of a bonsai
  • Min. 5 participants

Bonsai Workshop

  • Schedule – 10h to 13h / 14h to 17h
  • Min. 2 participants

Bonsai Art Development Course – “Bonsai Weekend”

It is two-day workshop (weekend) where each participant brings their own bonsai specimens and apply different techniques, depending on each tree and time of the year.

  • Min. 3 participants

Workshop for Children

Formação dedicada aos mais novos onde têm o primeiro contacto com esta arte milenar.
Training dedicated to the youngest where they have the first contact with this ancient art.

  • Offer of a bonsai
  • Special conditions for groups

Lectures on Bonsai Art

Presentation of a relevant theme to the Bonsai Art.


bonsai workout


Maintenance of Bonsai Collections

Management and maintenance of public or private bonsai collections, carrying out the annual schedule specific to the collection.

  • On location or at our facilities

Bonsai Styling

  • Upon request


bonsai renting


  • Bonsai Renting Service for:
    • Private Events
    • Weddings
    • Temporary exhibitions in art galleries or public gardens
    • Bonsai exhibition in companies and offices




Want to organize an event and would like to offer a bonsai? Count on us.