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On 27 April 2016 the European Parliament published a new regulation on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of their personal data and on the free movement of such data. Thus, and in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, designated as General Regulation on Data Protection, Kensho Bonsai Studio has defined this privacy policy to inform Users of the general rules of privacy and treatment of your personal data.

In this assumption, we strongly suggest that you read this policy carefully and ensure that you fully understand the terms of it, before accessing or using any of our online services, as your agreement with our privacy policy is essential for achieving them. If after reading and fully understanding this Privacy Policy, you do not agree with our practices, you must immediately leave this site, and suspend any and all use of our Services.


A first and last name; a home address; an email address; an identification card number location data (eg the location data function of a mobile phone) an IP (Internet Protocol) address a cookie ID the advertising identifier of your phone.


Kensho Bonsai Studio is the entity responsible for the website https://www.kenshobonsaistudio.com and for all services/products made available here to data subjects, as well as on other websites in this domain. The contacts of the entity responsible for the processing of your personal data and for the management of this website and the Privacy Policy is:

The Kensho Bonsai Studio contacts are: KENSHO BONSAI STUDIO

Caminho do Rodelo, 72

3750-593 Macinhata do Vouga

Águeda - Portugal

Email: info@kenshobonsaistudio.com

Mobile Phone: +351 967 277 920 (Call to national mobile network)

Data Protection Officer (DPO):

Márcio Meruje

Email: m.meruje@kenshobonsaistudio.com


On the website https://www.kenshobonsaistudio.com and other websites of this domain, personal data are collected when the Data Subjects use or activate certain services or functionalities, namely when they access, consult or carry out any transaction.

Within the scope of the aforementioned services and functionalities, personal data of various categories may be collected and processed, such as name, address, email, company name, telephone number or other personal identifiers. The Data Subject will always be informed of the purpose of the collection of personal data, how it will be processed and who will be its recipients, as well as their express consent for such collection and processing will always be required.

The personal data collected by Kensho Bonsai Studio within the scope of its websites are processed by computer means, manually and, if applicable, in an automated manner, within the scope of the management of the relationship with the Data Subjects, always under the terms of the General Regulation on Data Protection and other applicable national and community legislation.


We guarantee that your personal data will only be processed for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes related to our attributions, and will not be further processed in a way incompatible with the purposes for which they were collected.


We are entitled to the processing of your personal data, from the outset, by

be necessary for the exercise of our activity and can be based:

a. When performing a contract (for example, with our workers, suppliers and customers)

b. In the performance of a legal obligation (for example, in the communication of your data to the judicial and criminal investigation authorities, in the context of legal proceedings), or

c. When you gave us your free, informed and unambiguous consent to process your personal data.


Your data is or may be transmitted to entities with which we interact within the scope of our activity and the pursuit of the public interest, and which may be, from the outset:

a) Public and administrative authorities and entities, with a supervisory and regulatory function, such as, for example, the Tax Authority, the Social Security Institute, the Bank of Portugal, the Insurance and Pension Fund Supervision Authority, the National Data Protection Commission, Judicial or Administrative Courts, among others;

b) Suppliers and IT, technical and operational support service providers that provide services to Kensho Bonsai Studio;

c) Other entities, headquartered or not in the European Area, to carry out operations at the request of the holder.


The personal data we collect are kept for the period essential to satisfy the purposes that motivated their processing, and/or in strict compliance with the applicable regulatory and legal rules in force. Without prejudice, once the cause for processing the data has ceased, the conservation of your personal data will only be maintained for the mandatory legal periods or until the rights arising therefrom prescribe, in accordance with the law, in which case they will be erased with security.

8. WHAT ARE YOUR RIGHTS AND HOW CAN YOU EXERCISE THEM? Any holder of personal data that is processed by Kensho Bonsai Studio

have the following rights:

a) Access : the data subject can access his personal data, obtain information related to the processing of his data and also obtain a copy of his personal data subject to processing;

b) right of correction: the data subject may request that the data be completed or rectified;

c) right to request their deletion: the data subject may request the deletion of their personal data;

d) right to limit the processing: the data subject may request the limitation of the processing of their personal data;

e) portability right: the data subject, when the processing of their data is based on express consent or on the performance of a contract and when the processing in question is carried out by automated means, you can request the delivery of personal data provided by you, or request that it be transmitted to another controller;

f) right of opposition: the data subject has the right to object to the processing of his/her personal data;

g) right not to be subject to uniquely automated individual decisions: the data subject has the right to obtain human intervention and analysis, express his point of view, and contest any decision made by automated means;

h) right to withdraw consent: the data subject may withdraw consent to the processing of their data at any time.

These rights can be exercised together as follows:

⇒ By post, to our address: Caminho do Rodelo, 72 - 3750-593 Macinhata do Vouga - Águeda - Portugal

⇒ By phone to the number: +351 967 277 920 (Call to national mobile network)

⇒ By email to: info@kenshobonsaistudio.com

The request for assistance must be accompanied by proof of the applicant's identity and, if different persons, of the identity of the data subject and representation powers, consent being required for the processing of their identification and personal contact data for the purposes of identification and notification under the procedure.

Kensho Bonsai Studio will respond to your request within 1 (one) month after exercising the right, without prejudice to, in cases of manifest complexity or given the number of requests, this period may be extended, at most, to 2 (two) months.

In case of no reply or unsatisfactory reply, the applicant has the right to file a complaint with the data protection supervisory authority of his/her country of residence:

•In Portugal, the CNPD: https://www.cnpd.pt/index.asp

•Outside Portugal, several links: https://www.cnpd.pt/bin/links/links.htm


Kensho Bonsai Studio is committed to complying with all legal and regulatory obligations in force regarding the protection of your privacy and personal data.

In this assumption, we guarantee not only that the data collected is limited to what is strictly necessary and is protected against loss, misuse, unauthorized access or unusual exposure, but also that its storage and destruction are carried out by safe way.

We also guarantee the security of your personal data and compliance with all legal obligations in the event of a breach or breach of security, having implemented policies and procedures, regularly reviewed, which will allow you to actively monitor the processing of your data to detect failures or violations.


Kensho Bonsai Studio reserves the right to change, revoke or update this Privacy Policy as required by applicable law, and to reflect changes in our information collection, use and storage practices.

In this assumption, we suggest that you review this Privacy Policy from time to time, if any changes are made in relation to your privacy and the protection of your data, so that you can review the changes, evaluate them and, if so, in this case, oppose them, as well as minor changes and the introduction of some improvement. We take this opportunity to inform you that you will always find the Privacy Policy as a permanent point of information on our Site.


For amicable dispute resolution, visit European Resolution Platform

Online Litigation:

•https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm? event=main.home.chooseLanguage



The contents of the website which include, namely, images, texts, software, photographs, sound, music, videos, interactive resources and the like ("Content"), the brands and logos ("Marks"), or any other rights of industrial or intellectual property, contained therein, are the property of Kensho Bonsai Studio, and its use by third parties without prior authorization is expressly prohibited. The website contains content provided for information and personal use only and may not be used, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, sold, licensed or otherwise exploited for any other purpose without the prior written consent of Kensho Bonsai Studio. The user declares not to use, disable or interfere with resources related to the security of the Website;


On its websites, Kensho Bonsai Studio uses cookies in order to improve the performance and browsing experience of natural persons visiting its websites and users of the services provided herein, here designated as Data Subjects, increasing speed and responsive navigation and also eliminating the need for Data Subjects to repeatedly enter the same information. Users can accept, refuse or delete cookies and continue to browse the website.


To clarify any doubts about the treatment of your data, your rights or the information provided to you, you can contact, in writing:

KENSHO BONSAI STUDIO, Unip. Lda, with taxpayer number 514235349 and tax address at Caminho do Rodelo, 72 - 3750-593 Macinhata do Vouga - Águeda - Portugal


We will try to resolve any complaints regarding the handling of your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy as soon as possible.

Date of last update: August 1, 2021