These conditions are agreed between the brand Kensho Bonsai Studio from Márcio Meruje, with the VAT number 514235349 – hereinafter referred to as "Kensho Bonsai Studio" and, on the other hand, persons over 18 years of age who wish to make a purchase through the website www.kenshobonsaistudio.com hereinafter referred to as "User". These relate only to singular person, not to professionals.

The parties agree that their relations will be governed exclusively by the conditions described herein, excluding any conditions previously available on the Website.

The Kensho Bonsai Studio undertakes to comply with all current legislation on distance selling and electronic commerce, namely the portuguese Law 143/2001, as well as other legal provisions in force that apply to the specific business.


Item 1 – Subject

The purpose of these conditions is to define the arrangements for the sale Kensho Bonsai Studio and the User, applied to the order proccess, to services performed by Kensho Bonsai Studio, as well as the payment and delivery. These conditions regulate all the steps necessary to carry out the order and guarantee the follow-up of this order between the Contracting Parties.


Item 2 – Content

The content of this website, including the design, software and programming codes, is owned by Kensho Bonsai Studio. Therefore, the copying, use, reproduction, distribution or any type of communication of the information contained in this website is prohibited without prior authorization. All requests to use content should be sent to info@kenshobonsaistudio.com.

The photographs used on this website are representative of the final product but the colors may be slightly different due to lighting issues. Consult the detailed product sheet. In case of
doubt regarding the characteristics of a product, please contact info@kenshobonsaistudio.com.

Kensho Bonsai Studio also reserves the right to modify, limit or cancel access to the contents of its website, at any time, as well as to make modifications in the configuration or presentation thereof, being able to make use of such right at any time and without notice. The User is not allowed to resell any product.


Item 3 – Conditions of Sale

The conditions of sale must be consulted online by the User in the website www.kenshobonsaistudio.com before confirming your purchases. The confirmation of the order implies, the total recognition of the conditions of sale and their full acceptance.


Item 4 – Order

The User can place an order online, at www.kenshobonsaistudio.com, or by email, to info@kenshobonsaistudio.com.

To place an order, the User must provide the mandatory fields with his personal data such as name, address, contacts, VAT number, address to delivery, among others. Only then can the User place their order.

By placing your order, the User expresses its full and complete acceptance of the general conditions of sale, prices and description of the products contemplated in this transaction.
These general conditions of sale shall be the only applicable between the two parties.

Any dispute over this last point will be resolved through an exchange of information and with the guarantees mentioned below.

If the article(s) exhausts, Kensho Bonsai Studio undertakes to inform the User and to reimburse the User for the amounts he may have paid in respect of such article(s) within a maximum period of Thirty (30) days from the date of knowledge of such unavailability.

All orders placed through the Online Store whose payment is not made within the next 72 hours will be eliminated.


Item 5 – Payment Methods

The payment methods available at the Kensho Bonsai Studio Online Store are:

Deposit or Bank Transfer, Check or Money Order and Paypal.

PAYMENT SAFETY: In all means of payment, Bank Transfer, Deposit or Check, the client has a maximum level of security guaranteed.

Deposit or Wire Transfer

Payment for the Kensho Bonsai Studio account can be made by bank transfer through ATM or your online bank on the internet, or through a cash deposit at your bank's counter.

We will process your order as soon as we receive confirmation of payment. The waiting time depends on the confirmation period of each bank, so we must send the proof of payment to the email info@kenshobonsaistudio.com.

The Kensho Bonsai Studio account available for Deposit or Wire Transfer is:

IBAN: PT50 0018 000343937499020 22 | BIC / SWIFT: TOTAPTPL
Beneficiary: MÁRCIO MERUJE – Kensho Bonsai Studio

For more information please contact us at: info@kenshobonsaistudio.com

Check or Postal Card

This method of payment consists in the sending of a Check or a Postal Voucher to the address indicated below. The processing time of your order depends on the time of receipt of the

It should be issued to: Kensho Bonsai Studio

Once completed, you must send the Check or Postal Coupon to the address provided by the Kensho Bonsai Studio.

The order will be processed after a good charge. For more information on this payment method please contact us at info@kenshobonsaistudio.com

PayPal: Select this payment method and you will be directed to the PayPal page, a safe method used worldwide. For more information on this payment method, visit www.paypal.com.

Note: Kensho Bonsai Studio does not store any login information for your PayPal account.

Credit Card (via PayPal) Select this payment method and you will be directed to the PayPal page, a secure method used throughout the world. For more information on this payment method, visit www.paypal.com. Note: Kensho Bonsai Studio does not retain any login information from your PayPal account.


Item 6 – Guarantees

All products available at the Kensho Bonsai Studio Online Shop include taxes when applicable.

In the case of live material (seeds, young plants, pre-bonsai, bonsai) the phytosanitary conditions of the plants are guaranteed and are accompanied by a label with the identification of the species as well as other information.

The Kensho Bonsai Studio is registered in the Ministry of Agriculture with License for Production and Marketing of ornamental plants and all its products are sent guaranteeing the vitality of the copies. All living material sent by us is able to be worked (pruning, weeding, transplanting).

In the event of product error, anomaly or stock failure of the Online Store, Kensho Bonsai Studio has the right to rectify the situation without the right to any indemnification to the customer.


Item 7 – Shipping Conditions

After receiving the order confirmation Kensho Bonsai Studio will process the order and inform the customer of this situation. Under normal conditions (stock availability) the order will be processed for shipping up to a maximum period of 72 hours.

The User must provide a contact telephone number so that the carrier can contact him if its necessary. Kensho Bonsai Studio will not be responsible for any undelivered order that is caused by the customer's absence from the given address, incomplete address, incorrect data, and other similar situations.

We are not responsible for any delay in the receipt of the order by the carrier. The shipping period is estimated and may vary depending on the carrier.

In cases where orders include live material, shipments will be made until the following Wednesday to the sending so that these products are not in transit in the carrier during the weekend.

Upon receipt of the order the customer must verify with the presence of the carrier that the order is not damaged. In case the order is damaged the customer must, in the presence of the carrier, open the order and confirm that there are no damages. In case of damages the customer must present this situation to the carrier by written and inform us in the next 24 hours also by written.
All orders that are damaged when receiving the order will be guaranteed through the carrier's own insurance to the maximum extent stipulated by law.

In the case of orders over € 1000 Kensho Bonsai Studio will inform the customer of the additional insurance option available for each case.

The Kensho Bonsai Studio will not accept any shipment claim that is not mentioned within 24 hours of receipt of the order by the carrier.

Item 8 – Returns

The deadline for returning any item from our Online Store is two working days for live material and eight days for any other material from the Online Store. Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer and will not be returned.

All returned products must be received at our premises in the original packaging as shipped. Whenever this situation is not confirmed Kensho Bonsai Studio is not responsible for the return of the total values ​​of the products returned.

Where it is a living material, the return will only be accepted when the material has not been modified (eg pruning, weeding, transplanting). Whenever this occurs Kensho Bonsai Studio will not make any refund of the amount paid to the User.


Item 9 – Privacy

Kensho Bonsai Studio guarantees the total confidentiality of the information provided by the User in our Online Store.


Item 10 – Complaints

All complaints related to the Online Store can be sent to info@kenshobonsaistudio.com with a guaranteed answer from Kensho Bonsai Studio to all the complaints within a maximum term of 10 business days.

Any questions, please contact us at info@kenshobonsaistudio.com