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“Follow the path of least resistance”

- Japanese saying




Visit a bonsai collection with imported trees from Japan and many indigenous trees that has become a space of reference in Portugal.

Kensho aims to be a reference space in the bonsai art combining the ancient technique developed in Japan with the development of art in Europe.


Márcio Meruje was born in the city of Covilhã in 1985 and startedhis bonsai adventure in 2003.

In 2004, Márcio had an introductory course to the bonsai art and during thefollowing years took several training courses with professionals in Portugal. In 2008, on his academic record, he went to Belgium during the Erasmus Programme contacted Jean-Paul Polmans to collaborate in his studio. Over the next six months, Márcio worked weekly with Jean-Paul Polmans and had several workshops with other international artists such as the renowned Japanese bonsai master Hotsumi Terakawa. In January 2009, Márcio had his first styling worksdisplayed in the European exhibition Noelanders Trophy.

In 2011, Márcio had internships with Mario Komsta, an internationally renowned professional who performed learning the bonsai art during his 5-year stay in Japan, in the master Nobuichi Urushibata‘s nursery, Taisho-En.

In recent years, Márcio Meruje has devoted himself to teaching, particularly introduction to bonsai art courses, from North to South of the country and is frequently invited for demonstrations, bonsai courses and lectures a bit throughout Europe. Some of the highlights would be the participation in events such as exposition of the Belgian club Eda Uchi Kai, the Burrs event organized by Tony Tickle in England and many other national exhibitions.

Márcio participates regularly with trees in national conferences, is a member of several national and European clubs and is currently working with a number of European professionals in maintaining collections and styling bonsai.


Kensho gives you the opportunity to get a set of services that aim to enhance your collections and events.


Does your Bonsai need a "gym"? We have the right exercises: pruning, transplanting, styling ...


Lecture & Demos

We offer different levels of training to our fans.

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Maintenance & Styling

Maintenance of public or private bonsai collections.

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Bonsai Renting

We rent some of our trees to enhance your events or special occasions.

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